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Value of Truth (Veracity & Honesty)

President Ronald Reagan declared:  "Trust, but Verify."  Whether the subject is navigation, finance, economics, politics, science, social work, education, or governance, we have found nothing equals hard evidence, whether established by facts or buttressed by sufficient "real" data.  We take comfort in "cold equations"  and find no comfort in opinions which lack validated metrics and data to back them or the testimony of two or three reliable witnesses.  When all else fails, may the common sense, experience, and logic of the wise prevail over foolishness of the few.    We value social networks but oppose corruption and cronyism in all its forms.

In a ship's galley, the quality of the seafood comes from nourishment, freshness, taste, texture and smell, not the mere existence of a printed recipe or a sharp knife accompanied by a packet of sushi nori (seaweed).



Footnote  [1] except when privateering....It is a good and joyous thing to be a Pirate King. 


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