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Value of LIFE Citizenship

Our best and strongest ships are citizenship in our communities, citizenship in our nations, citizenship in our world, sustained by faith and service to God, Country, and our Planet. 

We desire peace amongst all nations and respect borders, languages, and culture.  While it is true "Globalism is a reality not a policy," at this time, without borders, language, and shared culture(s), there is no nation to respect, or benefits to enjoy.
In faith, we look towards the day when we can create a "global community life."  Christians know it as "the Kingdom of G-d"  and Muslims as "Ummah "   as the one-ness of humanity under the rule of G-d. 
But until "That Day" comes in its fullness, God Bless the United States of America!
All nations must "own" their histories, including these United States.  However, no citizen should ever apologize for patriotism nor forget the debt we owe to those who've made the ultimate sacrifice according to duty as they understood duty to be.  That includes those patriots of The Confederate States of America (1861 - 1865).
   Lee                                        Jackson      

Sadly, the "progressive" leadership of the Washington National Cathedral has removed the stained glass windows which were installed in the 1950's depicting America's history.   A piece of our nation's art history and culture are now "perdido' (lost).   May Robert E. Lee, "Stonewall" Jackson, and the 620,000 who died (both the Union and Confederacy) continue to rest in peace. 


Note: Captain Mark actively participated aboard ship in the 150th anniversary Civil War Naval Reeactment - Battle of Mobile Bay.

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