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"Inside Oil Tankers" - Modern Marvels Documentary

"The ART of controlling an LNG Tanker" - Konigsberg Maritime

"30 Days in 10 minute TIMELAPSE!  Awesome.

"Largest Ships - Tankers"  National Geographic Documentary

"Maersk-Moller Container Operations - Discovery Channel

Korean Shipyard:  Launching "our"  EURN Leviathan now named TI OCEANIA

2017 Gaslog Partners Presentation to Wells-Fargo 

"Euronav's CEO Paddy Rogers, 2016 DNB Conference

VLCC Engine Room Tour - Reasonably good amateur doc.

Documentary on Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) supertankers.  

July 22, 2016  TradeWinds Shipowners Forum

"Six Months at Sea In The Merchant Marine - Good amateur doc.

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