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Entertainments Photos, & Videos (emphasis on Sailing the Deep Blue Sea.)

Captain, Founder, and C.E.O.

Mark Leslie Middleton, M.Div., M.B.A.

Chairperson and Managing Partner  Ms. Paula Andersen Southhard Massey,  B.Ed.

Capt. Mark with "The World's Most Traveled Man" Don Parrish after a Circumnavigator's Club meeting. 

A living ship memorial to the submarines and submariners of the boats built in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  Above - simply dolphins in the blue sea. 


Perdido Isles Maritime Holdings Headquarters, the U.S. Registry Vessel R/S/V Nereus moves from Manitowoc (Meaning "Home of the Great Spirit") to the high seas via the inland waterways to the Gulf.


This video, mostly shot in Gulf waters, features highlights of the shakedown cruise and "sea trials" of the boat after former Nautilus Submarine chief engineer surveyed the vessel and gave his "seal of approval".  As headquarters for our maritime ventures and sea-going adventures, Nereus constantly reminds us of our own sea-going heritage and that of our ancestors. 





Full Frontal Nudity, shape-shifting, what the heck!

Here is view of Nereus before there was a deck!

Many daughters, Nereids, frolic naked in  the sea,

If you want to join them, then be good friend of me.  

Moi? Je suis un innocent monsieur! Je ne suis pas un marin, je suis le capitaine.

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