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Miracle of Mt. Airy: Conversion in mid-air.

The marble turns to granite without one cent to spare.

One $million for each story is contractor's fee.

(No one said scaffolds are cheap or hangmen work for free.)

Amongst the happiest and most satisfying days in a lifetime career, Captain Mark spent more than 8 years (1980 - early 90s) at Standard Oil Company of Indiana, in Chicago, Tulsa, and Denver offices consulting in finance econometrics, statistical analysis, project management and systems design for clients:


AMOCO Marine Transport - Transport Economics

AMOCO Ocean Minerals and C.I.A. (classified)

AMOCO Minerals - Geophysical Exploration Models 

AMOCO Chemicals - Budgeting and Economics

AMOCO Amoco Oil Company - I.T. / Data Mgmt.

AMOCO Production Company - Risk Mgmt.

STANDARD OIL Corp. - 401 K Plan migration

Publishing the above quatrain via email across the company intranet proved to be an unwise career-limiting move.

                          Lesson learned:

       Freedom of Speech has limits of tolerance. 


                         1 Job Lost (Perdido)


(Accountants and  Lawyers have no sense of humor)

2    Captain Mark became a poet with Global                publication rights over the internet !

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