Our Craft, LMC Aeroshell, carried our craft Curiosity from earth to a breath-taking but safe landing on Mars. WOW.

Our gal Curiosity carried our NASA-registered name with signed endorsement (signature approval) upon landing.

You go, girl!

                                                                                                        We will get                                                 there!  If not us, our  bio-

           logical or cybernetic trans-human                progeny.  A space ship is just a form       .....'maritime transport"  in a hostile-to-life         ....3-D near-vacuum.  In our world of EVE 

   gGaming, we do it already.  So much of 

.... what we now take for granted was once

      Science Fiction.  On these page, view

      videos and articles suggesting some

      future technological directions.  In the 

               process we will solve energy

                     and water problems.

Let's start with Abundant Element Hydrogen and apply Star Power - Fusion

Ad Astra per Aspera

Tesla and "Starman" go to MARS