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The Values of Freedom. Justice, The Rule of Law 

We cherish the vision of America's founders.  We value our United States Constitution and our Bill of Rights in their entirety, the Rule of Law, and an Independent Judiciary to uphold the same, and regulations - when and where needed-  enacted without conflicts of interest or excessive partisanship.  We honor our flag and the flags and anthems of the nations.  We choose to stand; others may do as they wish.    We Pledge Allegience. In God We Trust.  We Vote in every election.

We share conclusions reached by many others:  " there ain't no such thing as a free lunch."  TANSTAAFL   That said, compassion and generosity are valued virtues -- all the world's religions teach the value of charitable works and volunteerism on behalf of the under-privileged or less fortunate people amongst us. 

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