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Value of LIFE Health and Welfare

We maintain that the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of personnel on board and ashore is more important than any profit. 

Value of LIFE Safety 

We choose partners committed to operating according to highest standards of safety in the marine transportation industry.   We prefer safety LEADERSHIP over safety MANAGEMENT.

Value of LIFE - Period! 

"Everyone has a God-given right to live."  - Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty

Does Life begin at conception or birth?  We propose an answer that will satisfy no one on the polarized extreme attempts to answer this question's answer.  We suggest it begins at the "date of viability"  (approximately 28 months according to U.S. Supreme Court.)  Zygotes become a fetus; by 28 months, the fetus becomes a human.   According to some traditions, this is the time a human soul enters the body and the little person is eligible to eventually join our maritime crew.  "Welcome aboard, mate." Choice?  Yes!  Life?  An even louder "Yes!" after 28 months.

(There is a difference between Catholic and Protestant Christians on which is more important:  the life of a viable baby or the life of the mother.  Captain Mark regrets this choice has to be made, because he loves all mothers including Blessed Mary because they've proven their ship worthiness. 

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